Nonbuilding Structures

Posted on June 7, 2013

PicsMany engineering firms (including ours) feature projects on their websites with large buildings and structures.  On the other hand, there are structures called nonbuilding structures that don’t always get a lot of attention but still require engineering analysis.  By code definition, nonbuilding structures include all self-supporting structures that carry gravity loads and that may be required to resist the effects of earthquakes.  Non-building structures are all around us and can include storage racks for warehouse clubs, communication towers, signs and billboards, tanks and vessels, and equipment skids for industrial facilities.  Many times these types of structures require some “out-of-the-box” thinking for their proper engineering design.  For instance, there is no design standard when designing polyethylene tanks, so engineering judgment combined with codes used for similar materials aided one of our clients to sell their tanks in high seismic areas.  Nonbuilding structures can be very unique as well.  We will probably never again get to design a “straw” for a water tower.   Although, these types of structures aren’t the high dollar projects to grab people’s attention, they play an important function in our communities and Lane Engineers is proud to serve our clients by providing engineering analysis for their respective nonbuilding structures.