3D Scanning

Posted on April 5, 2013

pic2I was recently introduced to 3d scanning applications through our surveying supplier and saw some very exciting technology useful for an engineering firm like ours.  The image attached to this document is partially a picture, but it’s more than that because there is actual data behind some of the rendered images.  We conducted the demonstration on a local street intersection, and the scanner captured over 17 million points of data, and this “image” is the result of the scan.  X, Y, and Z coordinates can be garnered from this scan to produce topographic surveys and civil engineering construction documents.  I also see this type of system can be used for as-built buildings where no floor plans exist.  Currently, we have to send a two-man team that has to spend a majority of the day getting all the required information to draw a floor plan.  With this 3d scanning technology, one person in less than half the time can get all the information we hope to receive.  It also eliminates the needs for second trips for missed items.  On the surveying side, imagine having all the data you every hope to need right at your fingertips.  There is no need trying to figure out what information should be gathered and hopefully not miss any items.  As for Lane Engineers, we plan to start using these scans on a case-by-case basis because we do see all the benefits they can bring to our clients.  If you interested in more information, please contact Pat Teter, our principal land surveyor at 559-688-5263 or pat@laneeengineers.com.